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OPEN  Task #14  -  Update main navigation links
Posted Feb 20, 2013 - updated Apr 17, 2013
Lea (Lea) has been working on this issue since March 25, 2013 (22:01)
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Issue description
(Made 6th category "Issues", not "Project".)

(Added project to bullets as sixth global nav, and removed "DONE" as all need to be updated again.)

After much discussion, the final top global nav categories are:

Please implement these on the following subdomains:

-----------BACKGROUND & UPDATES -------------------------------------------

At the moment, we have six navigation items on the main page:

  • Docs
  • Q&A
  • Blog
  • Chat
  • Tutorials
  • More

The first three are fine, but the last three need an update:

  • Chat only provides information on the IRC room, and doesn't cover the other methods of communication we have available, such as the mailing list, Q&A, etc.
  • Tutorials isn't needed, as the tutorials can be found under docs.
  • More is just a duplicate link, pointing to the Docs homepage.

There have been a number of discussions on e-mail about how to improve this, see for the start of the thread.

The most sensible so far, in my mind at least, comes from a recent exchange between Chris Mills (me) and Julee Burdekin, which says that we should replace "Tutorials" and "More" with

  • "Events", which could link to our events page (currently there's a rough version at, or perhaps we could title it "Community" and have it linking to a more expanded page that includes some blurb on what we do in the community, Doc Sprint in a box, and a list of upcoming events you can participate in. I would prefer the latter, as a better balanced, more complete page to link to, which would kill multiple birds with one stone.
  • "Editors", which could link to the forthcoming editors guide ( A place for editors old and new to access the info they need to get on with contributing to the site.

Chat, meanwhile, could be replaced with a more general link — "Discuss" — which would include info about all methods of communication/discussion we have available.

What do we think? Provided we agree, I will create separate actions for

  • Finish community page and link main nav to it
  • Finish editors guide and link main nav to it
  • Update Chat to Discuss, and add updated text to that page.

Note: Updated text for the "Discuss page can be found at


After more discussion about this on the mailing list, we have decided to go with five menu items for now:

  • Docs
  • Editing (since we really don't have links to "editors" there)
  • Discussion
  • Blog
  • Community Events (so as not to confuse with API events)

Original bug:

Comment posted by
Mar 14, 23:37
Can we go with Community instead of Community Events?

I think you can have Discussion and Community in the nav bar. If I assume correctly, a Discussion page is a list of resources: IRC, e-mail list, chat (if we implement it), Q&A (ditto). Community still covers events, meetings, task forces, etc.

I do think Community Events is too narrow, as there is much more to the community pages than events.
Comment posted by
Mar 25, 23:18
I changed the navigation in the homepage. Let me know if you want the top navigation in the subpages to be changed as well (and in which way, since the items there are different).

Cheers, Lea