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OPEN  Enhancement PRMG-2  -  Create and Import projects and bugs from Bugzilla
Posted Feb 19, 2013 - updated Apr 22, 2013
Garbee (Garbee) has been working on this issue since February 19, 2013 (22:15)
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Issue description
Do the initial project creation and import of bugs from Bugzilla.

Current projects (also order of import):
  1. Content
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Search
  4. Skin
  5. Blog
  6. Information Architecture
  7. Comments Extension
  8. Default (Rename to General?)

I will also create a new project for the Dabblet install.

  1. Are there any extra projects that we should have?
  2. Should we rename the "Default" project? It really isn't default for anything, so naming could be confusing.
  3. Any other thoughts/concerns on the process?

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Feb 21, 01:26
Content project is now in and configured.

While importing I have decided we should also make a project specifically for the Templates. This way those issues are contained and people with expertise with those can easily find what needs to be done.
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Feb 21, 23:33
We also need a project for the Dabblet install. So that will either be a single project or a component of infrastructure.